August Beauty of the Month

Comedienne Onika McLean will make you laugh, but she is no joke. With roots in North Carolina and a deep commitment to her craft, Onika is making a name for herself on the comedy stage in NYC and beyond.


Q:  What inspires your comedy?

   Onika: Comedy is about pain. The last phase of healing is laughing. It is the truth in comedy that makes people laugh…and the creativity.


Q: What is your writing process like?

   Onika: I meditate, pray, and write. I free write every morning. Writing to me is like breathing, it allows all the crazy thoughts to focus. All the energy is channeled to a central location. Sort of like going to the bathroom, I’m able to get it all out.


Q: So you’ve become regular (laughing). Now, let’s talk about your up bringing. What is one of your fondest memories?

   Onika: I was raised by my Grandmother. I had a child size wrought iron garden set. It was just for me.


Q:  What makes you feel sexy?

   Onika: A good fitting outfit. Also, when I walk. The hip motion reminds me I’m a woman.


Q:  Who do you admire?

   Onika: Dave Chapelle, for what he does for others. Wanda Sykes, for her writing. The tenacity of Oprah Winfrey and the kind heart of my sister. I also admire the woman I’m becoming.


Q: JH: What has life taught you?

   Onika: Growing up I always thought I needed to survive. I taught my children survival skills. Now I realize if you don’t stop surviving you’ll never really live. Live playfully. You don’t have to chase or take to attract. Open yourself up and things will come to you. You don’t have to go out and get them.


My conversation with Onika reminded me of the law of attraction. What you want you bring about by your choices, attitude, and lifestyle. I was impressed by her commitment to writing. Writing is the cornerstone of so many creative ventures. Getting our thoughts down is a gateway towards perseverance. When you write you have something to go back to, a starting point, a guide. It was an excellent reminder to stay consistent no matter your craft.


Thank you Onika and we look forward to watching your rise.

 – Ms Jheri Worldwide  for Alika


August 2021 Beauty of the Month:

Onika is taking the comedy arena by storm. Her high energy and know it all attitude entertains crowds all over New York City. You can follow Onika @divaofcomedy on IG and Twitter.

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