Love Move Reiki

by Brandy Gomez-Duplessis

Everything changed when I learned to LOVE myself. The beginning of that self-care journey inspired me to move to Hawaii. 

After moving, I noticed improvements in my health. With the the lifestyle, the climate and the energy in Hawaii I realized I didn’t need the medication I was taking for multiple auto-immune diseases and threw them all away. I started to treat myself every day with things that brought me joy: the beach, plants, positive people, and working on my makeup line.

Then I started practicing Reiki, a Japanese method of healing using the hands. Reiki helps me to feel balanced. It helps me to heal my mind and body from chronic pain. With four auto-immune diseases, my body was always in pain. Reiki taught me how to relax and keep my stress and anxiety levels to a minimum. It cleanses my body of built-up toxins and replaces them with a positive energy flow.

After I do a Reiki session on myself, I’m more relaxed and calm. My view of life and my business changes. Reiki lends so much clarity on how to move forward with my makeup line, Entitled Beauty, and energizes my vision for the future. 

I realized being beautiful meant more than the industry’s superficial standards of beauty after 24 years of working in the Beauty & Entertainment industry. And even though I was a top makeup artist working in the industry, I wouldn’t have been considered BEAUTIFUL by the industry standard. I wanted to change the narrative, so I launched Entitled Beauty to celebrate the beautiful in everyone. 


Brandy Gomez-Duplessis, is a top makeup artist, beauty expert, influencer, and blogger living in Hawaii. On her blog,
Inside The Life Of A Makeup Artist, she shares beauty tips, behind the scene pics, beauty testimonials and the challenge of living with auto immune diseases.

If you are visiting Hawaii, are getting married or you just want to look glamorous while in Oahu, and need a Makeup Artist you can contact Brandy at  She does beautiful makeup on All Ages and All Races.

You can follow Brandy on Twitter and IG at @bgdmakeupartist. To learn more about Entitled Beauty you can visit the website at or on Instagram @entitledbeautyworldwide.

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