Ramona Dunlap: “Challenging and Redefining Beauty”


In conversation with the extraordinary Ramona Dunlap, a New York based start-up  entrepreneur.  Ramona Dunlap worked in corporate sales and marketing for some of the world’s leading intimate apparel brands. Her friends and family have deemed her a “bra connoisseur” because of her passion and wealth of knowledge on all thing’s lingerie.  Ramona was raised by a family of strong women, each of whom was beautiful in her own way.  This upbringing inspired her to create Alika.
In this episode Ramona is in pre-launch phase of Alika Lingerie, designing sleek and modern bras.  She is on a mission to challenge and redefine beauty for all women. She gives you a view into her life and how her career pivots brought her to A-L-I-K-A (Meaning: Most Beautiful).
Key Nuggets:

1.  Epic Fail: Circumstances that happen out of her control lead to her sending a Western Union telegram.

2.  The importance of having a money mindset.
·  The more you have, the more you can do.
·  If you are responsible with your money you can have more wealth.

3.  Best Advice to pursue entrepreneurship or a corporate career
·  Just go for it! Do not be afraid to make mistakes;
·  Surround yourself with good people;
·  Build a strong network;
·  Never forget where you came from; and
·  Always reach back to bring someone up with you.
Quote: "Nothing happens overnight!"
Favorite Book: The Alchemist
Favorite Song: Beyoncé’s “Run the world (girls)”
Favorite Hairstyle: She mixes it up! Currently natural and short.
Connect with Ramona:
Website: https://www.helloalika.com
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