The Healing Power of Black Music

Share Black Stories: DJ Tiff McFierce

July 10, 2020

Most people would agree with Henry Wadsworth Longfellow that “music is the universal language of mankind.”  From its origins in Africa through the passage to America and beyond, for centuries Black people have used music to tell their stories of struggle, pain, pleasure and triumph.  As a Black owned company, we understand the importance of black stories and the healing power of black music.  When we listened to  DJ Tiff McFierce’s: The Dialogue playlist on Spotify, we knew we had to share it with each of you.

Ladies, if you don’t know DJ Tiff McFierce, you should!  Before we go any further, let’s give her a proper introduction.  She is the first African American woman ever to become a resident DJ at The World’s Most Famous Arena, Madison Square Garden. Mixing music, movement and meditation she is also a wellness advocate.  You can check out her wellness series Look IN vs Lookin’ on Instagram. She’s definitely a woman after our own heart.

Ok, back to this amazing playlist.  We could give you reasons on reasons why we love it, however we are an inclusive brand and we decided to share the joy of this playlist with several members of the Alika community to hear their thoughts.  We asked them to tell us why this playlist gives them joy so we could share it with you:

This playlist gives me joy because although I am reminded that difficult times are often both preventable and inevitable at the same time, a silver lining always appears and that alone is enough to keep on advocating and hoping for a better future. I’m also reminded that through every situation we must always find a reason to dance!” – Chantal-Annik Ezoua


This playlist gave me joy because it transported me to a beautiful beach with my friends, a cool drink, and a warm breeze, while we let our melanin glisten in the sun. Oh! I was there, celebrating our blackness and caring for our souls. Joy indeed!” – Nikki Darden


This playlist gives me joy because the sounds of blackness and the youthful vibes ebb and flow; it’s reflective of life itself – told, sang, and shouted by the culturekeepers past and present. It gets me up and dancing. It gets me thinking. It makes me PROUD.” – Angelica Jackson


This playlist gives me joy because black music is synonymous with joy. Joy is a much more powerful word than happiness. Happiness is contingent upon everything going and being right. Joy is a solid knowing that despite the outcome, as the great rapper Kendrick Lamar says, “We Gon’ Be Alright”! Our black joy has been detailed in our music with so much expression over the years. This playlist was curated with a wide arrange of our black joy i.e. happiness, gratitude, peace, celebration, fearlessness, pride, pain, sorrow and most importantly love.” – Lola Troy

Don’t take our words for it, take a listen for yourself (dance, like, and share it too):  Share Black Stories by Tiff McFierce: The Dialogue.   If you want to hear more from DJ Tiff McFierce, then follow her on Spotify and Instagram at @tiffmcfierce and @Look_INvsLookin.


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