Reduce Breast Acne

Make Breast Skin-Care a Thing

by Ylani Salcedo

August 14, 2020

When you think of a skin-care routine most of the time thoughts will immediately be about getting the best products for the face, but do other areas of the body come up too? One thing’s for sure, it could be embarrassing and more than uncomfortable to talk about, but under boob acne is real. And your breasts need just as much love as any skin regime done for the face.

To bring your #selfcare to another level, here are a few things you should know to take better care of the pesky boob breakouts that won’t seem to go away.

What causes under boob acne?

Under boob acne is common—trust us when we say you’re not alone in this. In comparison to the face, this area has fewer hair follicles and oil glands. This not only raises the chances of the pores around the ladies getting clogged and inflamed but it also makes it happen more often. Women who have larger breasts tend to struggle with this more than those who have an A cup bra size, but that’s not to say it can’t happen to the smaller bust ladies too.

Because sweat can build-up a lot quicker during hot summer days, an intense workout out session, or for those who tend to sweat easily it’s important to make sure you’re using products from skin-care to clothing that works for you.

What can you do to reduce breakouts?

First things first—raise your awareness about when you’re breaking out most. Is it after a workout? Is it during that time of the month? Is it after you wear that super tight or ill-fitting bra you promised yourself you would get rid of? Whatever your answers are, or the questions you have to ask yourself, what you truly know is what you can start working on.

For those who notice that sweating from a workout (or anything really) creates bumps, think about the type of bra you’re wearing. Oftentimes if the fabric is too thick or the support isn’t there it makes it easier for the under boob skin to rub against the sweat or material for a really uncomfortable situation. If you’re working out at a gym you can put on something like the Fresh Breasts antiperspirant (yes deodorant for boobs is a thing!) before leaving the house and hop right into the shower as soon as you get back.

The main thing is to keep this area clean and cared for so that you don’t dread every time you break a sweat.

As for things like clothing, breathability is key. If you’re able to successfully wear tight tops make sure it’s sweat-wicking fabric so the skin can breathe. And if for some reason you need to steer clear of that, then you could swap that out for a style that is loose and flowy. 

What can you do for Long-Term Results?

Whether the struggle is real with under boob acne or if it happens sporadically, a skin-care regime that also focuses on your breasts is  important. Preventing, maintaining, or treating this area should be for long-term effects just as they are for your face. Here are a few things you can invest in to make this a smoother journey.

Non-comedogenic products: These formulas tend to not block or clog up your pores which are the holy grail to any acne dilemma. Back in 2019, a Self article dove deeper into how you can tell if skin-care products are non-comedogenic because the last thing you want is an abrasive formula to irritate the skin. And most face products can be too harsh on your breasts.

Boob masks: Breasts have skin too so there’s no way that adding them to any weekly skin mask routine should be overlooked. Something like the anese’s Calm your tits. Kaolin clay mask protects the skin with nourishing ingredients, absorbs excess oil, and also offers a perkiness to them.

Acne-centered body washes: At your nearest pharmacy, supermarket, or drugstore you’ve probably seen a bunch of body washes that help with skin conditions. Buy one and see if it helps clear out appearing or existing bumps. The CeraVe SA Body Wash or something like the Neutrogena Body Clear Acne Treatment Body Wash with Salicylic Acid are some you could start with.

Rash Creams: Creams or ointments can be used for redness and lessening the buildup of bacteria caused by sweat. The brand Aquaphor is a good place to start as their formulas target dry skin, rashes, and burns caused by friction like with the under boob area. 

What’s the final point for under boob acne?

Simply take care of your skin from head-to-toe. If you have larger breasts make sure to use fabrics that allow the skin to breathe and lessen the chance for sweat build so you’re not suffering too much. You should also make time for a bra fitting to get proper support support and decrease your chance of irritation.  And don’t forget to keep up with a skin-care routine that includes the ladies and not just the face! 

If problems persist and you’ve done everything from the moon and back without seeing improvements, reach out to a dermatologist and set an appointment. You might need a medicated formula prescribed by a doctor.


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